Climate control & monitoring device. GSM/GPRS thermostat.

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Control the temperature of your workplace to make it more comfortable and more energy-efficient. You can even control the temperature of sensitive storage areas separately. Automatic Temperature Control let you adjust your business's temperature right from your smartphone. The thermostat settings to help lower energy costs after hours.


Features of the module GTalarm2:


Communication via SIA IP DC09 protocol.

4 Analog inputs (pull up 5.1K)   0-10V.

2 Analog Input/ Output ,  0-10V , 0-20mA.

3 Digital Inputs/Outputs  3.3V , 20mA.

Wiegand interface, Dallas 1-Wire Bus.

4 PGM outputs 24V/1000mA. Open Drain.

Up to 32 sensors, temperature, humidity etc.

Digital expansion module BUS.

Built-in access control features.

In-field firmware upgradeable via USB and SERA2 software.

Events log buffer. 2048 events.

Program remote controls using the master or installer codes.

Up to 800 users remote controls with mob phone.

Up to 800 users remote controls with iButton or RFID keycard.

Up to 800 user code. To control with Wiegand keyboard.

Built-in-real-time clock backup battery.

Unlimited control via SMS.

External microphone / speaker.

Push button software reset.



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