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Xblade-tech is a senior company and is devoted to providing the consumers with high qualified RC products around the world, such as the Power systems for RC airplane, car, boat and drone, accessories and RC airplane, car ,boat and drone.


Xblade-tech is in possession of its own intellectual property and R&D ability, can design products and accessories in accordance to customer’s requirements and RC market.  All products have been approved by CE&ROHS. 

SunrayBox Zgemma star H.2S

kerui alarm Vu Solo 4K kerui alarm Store Hikvision Store Vu+ Solo 4K Vu+ Solo2 Vu Duo2 DM800 HD SE V2DM500 HDVU+Solo2 VU+Solo Se V2VU+Solo Pro V3Mag254 HeroBox EX4 HeroBox EX3 HeroBox EX2 X Solo Mini 3Zgemma Star H.2SZgemma Star H.2H

Zgemma Star 2S

kerui alarm Vu Solo 4K dreambox dm900 Headrest DVD player kerui alarm Store DLP HD projector Hikvision Store Naviskauto Headrest DVDHikvision Ip camera SunrayBox 


We will bring more high reliable RC products to the Market in the future.


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